Visualizing makers in the world

Makerspace Hackathon 2014

Audience The first edition of the Makerspace Hackathon was a great success! Thanks to all the participants, the judges and our speakers.

Best Data Visualization

DataVisualisation The €500 prize sponsored by NXP Semiconductors goes to Kickstarter Insights: Werner Bastianen, Jeroen Peerbolte, Aron van der Valk and friends.

Best 3D Printing Hack

3DPrinting The €500 store credit sponsored by Shapeways goes to M.A.R.S.: Claudia Conceicao, Tom Geelen, Guus van der Sluijs, Tudor Tarlev and Paul Wagener

Best Arduino Hack

Arduino The €500 prize sponsored by NXP Semiconductors goes to: Maris Abele, Koen Aben, Huub de Beer, Shivesh Bhawnani, Peer van Bijsterveld, Ronnie van Loon and Stanley Sagart

Visualizing makers in the world

AtWork1 Jakajima and MadLab invite you to participate in this exciting Hackathon where the focus will be on creating (interactive) installations for any type of device (your own hacked one, TV, tablet, smartphone, Arduino, 3D printer etc.) based on the maker community in the world.

The 2014 makerspace hackathon will have three categories:

  • Visualization; visualizing makers in the world.
  • 3D Printing; a new dimension to making.
  • Arduino; imagine, design, interact.

We invite you to form a team either beforehand or at the start of the event and compete to create the best hack. An expert jury will award prizes in each of the categories to the most impressive and innovative hack.

We would love to see a combination of each discipline in a hack, it is therefore possible to compete in multiple categories at once.

Data Visualization

Create (interactive) visualizations for any type of device (your own hacked one, TV, tablet, smartphone, Arduino, 3D printer etc.) based on the maker community in the world.

Examples of visualizations that would fulfil the purpose of ‘Visualizing makers in the world’ are;

  • A visualization that shows which applications of Arduino / Rasberry Pi / Beagleboard / Beaglebone black etc. are mostly used and where,
  • A visualization where most hackers are active and what their topics are!

3D Printing

Now that this type of rapid prototyping is available to the masses we’d like to see some novel, unexpected uses of this technology.

Go ahead and invent something that will intrigue and inspire other makers.


Embedded and connected prototyping for everyone! These tiny devices can be tucked into any corner of be the brain of an astounding machine. Incorporate an Arduino in an invention that will make the visitors of the Maker Days go “Wow!”


AtWork2 If you are creative enough to create your own useful combination of technology with awesome results and enjoy having fun with other creative people, social nerds, hardware geeks, data scientists etc. come join us for this hackathon on March 29th and 30th 2014.

Regarding data sets: you may use your own as long as you are allowed to use them!

Hard- and software: Bring your own necessary equipment, hard- and software tools. We supply some hardware tools, power and internet (and drinks and food obviously). You should bring your own 3D Printer, Arduino sets, etc.


  • Data Visualization: €500 Sponsored by NXP Semiconductors
  • Arduino: €500 Sponsored by NXP Semiconductors
  • 3D Printing: €500* Sponsored by Shapeways

* Shapeways store credit


At the end of the Hackathon a panel of experts will judge your visualizations/hacks.

  • Eric Slaats, Associate Lector at Fontys Hogescholen
  • Marc Fleskens, Strategisch marketeer, conceptontwikkelaar en scout voor talent
  • Han Raaijmakers, Principal System Architect at NXP Semiconductors

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